How to Improve Communications Using a Text Alert System
A person is reading a text alert on their cell phone.

Using text messaging to stay connected to your employees and customers is an easy, effective way to communicate critical and time-sensitive information quickly and easily. Text Alert Systems are a simple and cost-saving tool for communicating with employees and customers. According to a recent report conducted by Simple Texting, one in three consumers check their text notifications within one minute, and 85 percent of consumers check their text notifications within one to five minutes of receiving a text message.

Unlike email messages that can be lost in a spam folder and never read, or relying on social media algorithms that share your information with a fraction of your followers, Text Alert Systems are an easy way to send information that is almost guaranteed to be read by your audience.

Text Alert Systems

Text Alert Systems are software packages or applications that utilize smartphone technology to instantly transmit text message alerts to a group of people through text blasts. Some examples of how text alert systems can be used include:

  • Asking for feedback about a product or service
  • Requesting a customer review
  • Meeting notifications and updates
  • Special events at conferences
  • Training sessions
  • Sudden scheduling changes
  • Weather updates
  • Emergency alerts

An alert can be sent by one person to a massive number of recipients in seconds. All recipients receive the same message at the same time. Systems also provide delivery receipts to confirm that your message has been received. Text blasts can also be scheduled well in advance, making it easy for you to get information and updates about upcoming events easily and efficiently.

SMS Text Alert Apps

SMS, or Short Message Service, is a way to send text messages over 2G, 3G, 4G, or 5G wireless networks. There are many SMS text alert apps on the market, and the better apps allow the user to send mass text messages and to have direct conversations with a specific contact. This allows users to send out alerts and quickly respond to questions from contacts in your group.

Text Alert Uses

One person can send text messages out to a large number of recipients, delivering important information to employees or consumers in real time. Text alerts are especially effective for announcing time-sensitive and important information. Here are some examples of how Text Alert Systems can be implemented for business communications:

Employee Uses

Text Alert Systems can send important messages to employees quickly. This could include announcing scheduling changes, rerouting a service vehicle, or communicating during a power outage. An example would be sending a text alert to all employees when inclement weather or a natural disaster prohibits them from working onsite, or sending new instructions to teams when scheduling changes happen at the last minute.

Customer Uses

SMS text alerts can be used to stay in contact with people and customers, and they can be used to ask for Google reviews. You can notify a group of an upcoming meeting, a change in scheduling, or announce news about an upcoming sale or special event. Text marketing is considered one of the most effective methods of marketing with minimal cost. According to, 45 percent of mobile marketing campaigns generate a successful return on investment (ROI). Different user groups can be created for different types of messaging depending on the interests of your customers.

Text Alert Systems are a cost-effective way to improve your communications. Whether you choose to share information through a Text Alert System periodically or routinely, you will be assured that your messages will be received faster and more reliably than email or voicemail messages!

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