Are You Ready to Launch Your Spring Digital Marketing Campaigns?
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Winter is over and now’s the time to begin implementing your spring marketing campaigns. If you are adding new services, participating in local community events, presenting at conferences, or partnering with other organizations at local events; it’s time to start giving your business digital exposure across all of your marketing platforms leading up to, during, and after each event. In this blog, we’ll review some effective ways to build interest and engage your audiences before, during, and after each campaign.

Unify your digital marketing strategies.

Make sure your digital marketing strategies are consistent across all platforms. For instance, you may choose to describe in detail an upcoming community event via email marketing and use social media channels to build interest leading up to the event. You could add a “countdown clock” on your website landing page to count down the time leading up to an event. You can engage your audience further by posting real-time pictures or videos of you and your team and community partners while the event is taking place.

Email marketing can be used again to recap your participation and update your audience on the results such as money raised or number in attendance. Make sure to thank people for attending or sponsoring the event and link to their channels as well. Recap the impact the event made on the local community. Keep track of all your event participation and outcomes so you can create a post at the end of the year announcing a cumulative record of your company’s community involvement and impact.

Personalize your marketing campaigns.

Personalized marketing tailors messaging to a specific audience. When you know the needs, preferences, and interests of your current customers and target audiences, you can personalize your marketing campaigns. You can use customer demographics to create advertising campaigns that resonate deeply with your audiences. Anytime you can personalize the customer experience you have a better opportunity of connecting in a meaningful way with existing and potential customers.

Social media campaigns and the rule of seven.

According to Digital Dealer, in order to develop “top of the mind” brand awareness, people need to see a message at least seven times before they take action to buy a product or service. By creating thoughtful social media campaigns, you can use the strategy of seven as an effective means to engage your customers through every level of the decision-making process.

Custom videos are a highly effective means of customer engagement.

Are custom videos part of your digital marketing plan? Custom videos are the most powerful way to engage your audience. You can use them to tell the story of why you started your business, announce a new product or service, share customer testimonials, or educate your audience about your business. Custom video continues to be the most effective method of digital advertising and is proven to resonate with all audiences.

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