By Pam Clark

Our Starfish SEO & Marketing team is actively scheduling spring video shoots. Short-form video continues to dominate digital marketing, and we want our clients to take advantage of this powerful form of advertising. By shooting onsite, we help our customers create powerful, hyper-local video content that is guaranteed to increase your local visibility. In this blog, we’ll look at ways you can benefit from incorporating a custom video shoot into your spring marketing strategy.

Why Video Advertising?

According to Statista, there were over three billion internet users watching streaming or downloaded video at least once per month in 2022. Whether you are launching a new product or location to expanding your reach, advertising through customized video allows you to reach your target audience, and ultimately increase sales and grow your business.

Our video production team will work with you to outline your marketing goals, target the right audience, help you tell a captivating story, and make your videos shine all while maintaining a realistic budget and timeline.

Video Advertising Ideas

Social Media Videos

Social media videos allow you to build relationships with your audience in a “soft sell” format. Examples of content that pairs well with social media include:

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos can be anywhere from 30 seconds to three minutes and allow you to educate your audience about your products and services and highlight why your product or services are preferable to others. They usually end with a call to action.

Tell a Captivating Story

Talk about why you started your company and what you love most about helping people through your products and services. You may even tell a story about how you helped one of your customers through a challenging time. Storytelling videos are designed to evoke an emotional response in your viewers.

Product Video

Although most of our customers are service-oriented, there are aspects of each that include specific products. A product video allows you to explain how the product works and can showcase its features and benefits. For instance, many of the companies we represent use EPA-approved products. The use of EPA-approved products would resonate deeply with all audiences.

Customer Testimonials

Video testimonials are an effective way to garner positive word of mouth and attract new customers. When potential customers see your existing customers raving about your products and services, they will begin developing trust and consumer confidence in your brand. In a recent report, 95 percent of people said reviews influenced their purchasing decision. Having your valued customers share positive feedback about your company on video form is an excellent way to show your appreciation for the customer relationship. After all, who doesn’t love a “feel good” story?

The Benefits of Video Advertising

Expand Your Reach

Custom video continues to be the best way to reach a wider audience. YouTube’s VP of Engineering, Cristos Goodrow, reports that people around the world watch a billion hours of YouTube videos daily. These statistics represent people of all ages, races, gender, locations, and interests. Consumers love to watch compelling video ads and make informed buying decisions!

Videos Can Be Easily Shared

We’ve all seen videos go viral, and the more shares a video gets, the greater the brand exposure. Starfish SEO & Marketing’s video team can help you create ads that are highly shareable and will appeal to your target audience.

Videos are Perfect for Mobile Users

In a report from eMarketer, 75 percent of video consumption happens on mobile devices. Think With Google reports that mobile viewers are more likely to watch, share, and feel connected to ads and branded videos.

Improve SEO

Videos appear in about 55 percent of Google keyword searches, so custom video ads that generate more links and social engagement can increase your ranking in SEO. We will help you optimize your custom videos by adding high-ranking keywords, video titles and descriptions, and tags.

Video Diversity

We can help you create engaging, customized videos to support your brand through every phase of the customer decision-making process, from explainer videos to company showcase videos, and finally, to reviews and customer testimonial videos.

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