Can AI Copywriting Tools Replace Humans?  
An artificial robot face profile is superimposed next to a human face profile.

By Pam Clark 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) copywriting tools can save you time. These tools can analyze data in seconds and can generate sections, outlines, and full articles easily. They are fun to use and easy to learn. They can help you drum up brainstorming and marketing campaign ideas. However, AI copywriting tools are intended to be a starting point for creating content, and not the finished product. In this blog, we’ll review some of the AI copywriting tools currently available and the best ways to use them. 

Can I Write Better than a Robot? 

Yes. That’s because AI copywriting tools are not human. They are not creative, and they are not conscious, so they lack human emotion. AI copywriting tools cannot motivate a buyer or engage the audience like a good copywriter can. Additionally, many consumer buying behaviors result from a feeling that influences the purchasing decision. An AI copywriting tool can generate content that can support your marketing efforts, but it should not be considered as a replacement for human content creation. AI copywriting tools cannot write anything original because they are not original thinkers like humans. The data used to generate the content is pulled from information published up to 2021 (ChatGPT), and Google Bard pulls data from the web.  

Please note that some of the A/B testing the Starfish SEO & Marketing team has conducted to date on AI copywriting tools has led to mixed results. We have uncovered many inconsistencies and inaccuracies, so we recommend double and triple-checking all AI-generated facts, stats, and survey results before publishing any AI-generated content.  

AI Copywriting Tools 


ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool that lets you have natural conversations with the chatbot. This copywriting software can answer questions and assist with composing content for emails, cover letters, blogs, essays, Excel formulas, creating apps, and writing code. The website operates using a server, so when it is at capacity, those using the free version may not be able to process your requests right away.  

Currently, you can try ChatGPT for free or pay a $20.00 monthly subscription fee. The subscription fee provides extra perks like getting faster response time and access to the latest version of the AI, known as GPT-4.  

Google Bard 

Google Bard is an AI chat service similar to ChatGPT that pulls its information from the internet. It lets you brainstorm ideas, develop a plan, or find different ways to get things done. It creates first drafts of outlines, emails, blog posts, poems, and more. It works with a personal Google Account or a Google Workspace account that your administrator has enabled access to Bard. 

Their website says that is a full-power content generator that delivers premium results in seconds. It is helpful for writing sales copy, blog content, digital ad copy, eCommerce Copy, email marketers, bloggers, website copy, and social media content. You enter your copywriting project, give it a bit of context about what you want to cover, and then sift through the results to find the best option for what you are working on. Then you can ask the tool to edit or rewrite paragraphs, etc. Then you can copy and paste the work into your CMS for publishing.  

CANVA Magic Design Tool 

According to CANVA’s website, their new Magic Design (Beta) is a free AI tool that lets users visualize design ideas with a selection of refined templates made for them. No coding or advanced skills are required. You just start by uploading your own media or from a blank Presentation, and watch as custom designs appear in the context you need. 


The best way to determine which AI product works best for your needs is to try them before you buy them. You’ll want to choose a content creation tool that best supports your business strategy. Because every AI copywriting tool is different, we encourage you to do a free trial before you make the decision to purchase one. 

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