A Look at Our 2022 Accomplishments
2022 is written on the sand on a beach.

Our 2022 Accomplishments

Looking back on our accomplishments, 2022 was a highly productive year for us, full of all kinds of activity. Over the course of the year, our Starfish SEO & Marketing team produced thousands of custom videos, blogs, and unique content pieces. We designed new websites, refreshed existing websites, and wrote new targeted city descriptions. Behind the scenes, we worked tirelessly to monitor and update client websites and ensure search bots and people could easily access and navigate their web pages.

2022 Firsts

We had several firsts in 2022. First, we began sending out our first monthly company newsletter and blog in January. Then we branched out into the medical field and signed our first medical industry client. Finally, we created a successful political campaign for mayoral candidate John Corbitt, who won the election by over 65 percent of the vote and will be the new mayor of White House, Tennessee, in 2023!

Custom Videos

Video content continues to dominate customer engagement on the internet. We produced over 1560 custom videos, video scripts, and YouTube video descriptions and posted them weekly on client websites.

Our video production crew traveled to San Diego, California, to film custom videos for SERVPRO of San Diego City SW, SERVPRO of Mission Valley East, SERVPRO of Otay Mesa and San Ysidro, and SERVPRO of Centre City Uptown.

2022 SERVPRO Convention, Dallas, Texas, July 5 – 9

This summer, we sent the largest team of Starfish employees – ever- to meet with our clients at the annual SERVPRO convention in Dallas, where we had the opportunity to connect with many of our valued customers and their families. This was our second year attending the SERVPRO convention, and we look forward to attending next year’s conference!

2023 January Training Update

On January 11th, at 1 pm CST (2 pm EST, 12 pm MTN, 10 am PST, 9 am Hawaii), we are hosting a training session to review the changes to Google’s search layout. We’ll cover the following:

  • The new Google search layout
  • Favicons
  • How Google displays organic search results
  • How Google blends ads with organic results
  • What small business owners need to do to alter their SEO strategy

Connecting to Centers of Influence

Now is an excellent time to set in motion plans to connect and reconnect in 2023 with all of the “centers of influence” (COIs) in your geographical territories. Reach out to all the insurance companies and agents, property management associations and property managers, and other groups or organizations that can send business your way. Discover their focus for the coming year, what they may need, and how you can help. It’s always a good idea to reconnect, wish them a Happy New Year, to reintroduce your company and services so your business stays fresh in their mind.

Reach out today!

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