Why You Need Local Content Marketing
A person creates local content on a laptop computer.

What Kind of Content, and Why Does It Matter?

By Pam Clark

Content marketing describes who you are as a company and how your company can improve people’s lives through your services. Content marketing comprises your company’s intellectual material, including blogs, custom videos, social media posts, email campaigns, webinars, podcasts, and educational workshops. When done the right way, local content marketing enhances your company’s visibility and reaches your intended audiences.

Why Do I Need to Produce Local Content?

Local content targets your local community – the people that need to know about your company and your services. Your ROI will be much higher when you can pinpoint your local audiences rather than attempting to reach the masses. Building local SEO and using the best citations, backlinks, and hashtags across the web opens doors to more customers, allowing your business to grow. (Another good reason to produce local content is that your competition does it!)

How Does Local Content Work?

At Starfish SEO & Marketing, we specialize in helping our customers create a more visible digital presence. We help our customers target specific markets and geographical locations and gather demographic information. We review Google searches to see how people conduct searches online for your services. Understanding Google search behaviors inform the “keywords” we use when developing your local content marketing strategy. 

What Are Some of the Benefits of a Consistent Local Content Marketing Strategy?

Internet bots continue to monitor digital content for relevancy. Everything from visual elements to your website copy is under constant scrutiny. Local content should have consistent messaging to increase trust and credibility and help you stand out to your customers. We help you build your brand identity by creating consistent messaging that attracts customers and gives the internet bots what they need to keep your rankings high.

The Content Matters

Every piece of digital content produced should be thoughtful, resonate with your targeted audiences, and be informative and visually engaging. At Starfish SEO & Marketing, we constantly monitor trending industry topics and look at the algorithms that put this information at the top of the search results. For instance, shorter blog titles were gaining more traction not too long ago than long-tail titles, and now, long-tail blog titles are gaining more traction in search results. The trends change all the time, so when the algorithms change, we adapt and change with them.

Local content marketing, when used effectively, will help you gain better visibility on high-traffic platforms and websites. It is essential to use the right keywords, shift with the ever-changing algorithms, and understand your local audience and demographics. At Starfish SEO & Marketing, we develop local content and marketing strategies that help our customers grow their business and enhance their online reputation as industry leaders.

Convention Update

Starfish SEO & Marketing is pleased to announce that we will be attending the SERVPRO Convention in Dallas, Texas, July 5 – 9 this year! We are in the process of creating a Convention Special and will be sharing more details in the coming months, so stay tuned!

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