Multimedia Impact: Standing Out in the Sea of Green
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By Pam Clark

Multimedia describes the use of more than one medium of expression or communication. This blog discusses how our use of unique content and multimedia allows our customers to stand out on the Internet!

Unique content is anything that is not duplicate content. We keep on top of the latest trends and create custom ad campaigns that reflect your business and brand to capture your target audiences.

Unique content

We produce a variety of engaging weekly content for our clients that we share across multiple channels. Our use of multimedia includes custom videos, blogs and social media posts, and newsletters. Everything we do helps our customers gain high visibility on the Internet. We use a combination of styles for each client based on their target audiences and geographic location.

We conduct industry and geographical research that helps us produce engaging content people will want to read while incorporating SEO best practices to make you more visible on the Internet. Some examples of the types of writing we do include:

Customer interviews

We interview our clients and write custom biographies that allow potential and existing customers to get to know the people behind the brand.

In-depth research

We use in-depth research (authority content) such as data and statistics, current affairs, or historical data relevant to your geographical location. We cite the data and use backlinks to these studies and credible sources.

Share specialized knowledge

We write about the in-depth knowledge, products, and services that set you apart from the competition. We share information about advanced training and IICRC and other certifications, specialized equipment, procedures, and processes that speak to your competence as a service provider. 

Current events

Every region has events unique to that location, so we write about these events to personalize your content. Some examples include severe weather, natural disasters, local safety programs, festivals, and other community activities your company may be supporting.

Personal achievement

We share stories about your extraordinary employees, company awards, expansion announcements, community recognition, and community affiliations. Anytime we can bring things down to a personal level, you have the opportunity to resonate with a new or existing customer.

Customer reviews and testimonials

When you get a great customer review, why not reshare it on a blog? The more visibility, the better! We reshare reviews and website testimonials when they tie into a specific topic we are writing about that week to emphasize and complement a weekly topic.

Convention update

Starfish SEO & Marketing is pleased to announce that we will be attending the SERVPRO Convention in Dallas, Texas, July 5 – 9 this year! We are in the process of creating a Convention Special and will be sharing more details in the coming months, so stay tuned!

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